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  • Jimmy Broccoli


Updated: 5 days ago

You fell asleep gently, my love

I covered you before the ambulance arrived

They took me away, too

Because I couldn’t stop screaming

Loving you was my life’s symphony

On this black occasion, your family is here

I dress in blue because it was your favorite color

I re-read your poems by the gravel and grass

And the minister…

And the Amazing Grace…

And the mother fucking coffin

Don’t leave me

Your mother’s awful dress

And the eulogy

Don’t talk about how good he was

He was bad at almost everything

But he loved me

And if he had only one stick of gum left

He handed it to me

No, shut up, I won’t buy your wreath

Or your flowers

To be draped upon his grave

They aren’t beautiful enough

If you knew him, you’d understand

You – you kicked him out at 16

Because he loved me

Applause that you came around years later

You never held his thoughts

As he crumbled into darkness

Don’t talk about him like you knew him

My sunrise was his and his sunset whispers my name

Oh my sweetheart, my darling

I bought you Yoda pajamas

Because he was your favorite

An unwrapped gift, but you would have laughed

I would have snapped a photo

And our friends on Facebook would have smiled

I lay upon your cold grave

My 98.6 degrees keeping you warm

You are my home, my heart, my everything

And I do not get up

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