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Book Recommendations: Sarah Mackey Kirby, Daemon Manx, & Josh West

Hi All

I love coming home to find packages on my doorstep - especially when I know the packages contain books I've ordered.

Today, I'd like to shine the spotlight on three books I've recently received - written by three amazingly talented authors. About 80% of the books I read are collections of poetry - and, occasionally, I like to venture out to read works from other genres (the other 20%). Great writing is great writing.

Here are three books I highly recommend - 2 outstanding collections of poetry and 1 horror masterpiece.

As I've stated before, if we support one another, I believe we will all be successful. ______________

From Left To Right:

Sarah Mackey Kirby. "The Taste of Your Music". Sarah is one of my favorite poets and is this week's Featured Guest on my page and website. For a sample of her poems, please take a look at my post from yesterday (Sunday). You'll be glad you did.

Daemon Manx. "Abigail". This debut novel, by Manx, is an incredible read - and it all begins with an unexpected "package" on a doorstep (it's not books from Amazon). "Abigail" is gripping and flawless storytelling.

Josh West. "The Kiss of The 45". Josh's poetry is consistently excellent - and it's often darker than my writing, which isn't easily found (). Josh is well-acquainted with the darkness. In his poems, he takes the reader to dimly-lit landscapes, both emotional and deep - places. sometimes dangerous, we tip-toe into, awaiting to find out what is behind the next corner.

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