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  • Jimmy Broccoli

A Detuned Piano Reminds Me of Her Sadness

I listen to the sounds of a detuned piano on the radio, and the music is exquisite - It reminds me of her beauty and of her sadness

Angelic, yet brief, thoughts of her unfold before me...

Her dramatic, well-tailored silhouette towers lovingly in the room’s dim light While sitting on the couch, I stare at the back of her elegant, tight-fitting dress She stares out the window, poetically, into the darkness Then, turns her head around to smile at me She is an enchanting evening – lit, flickering candles and glasses of fine wine

She sits down, gently, almost floating, drifting charmingly to sit beside me Soft music embraces the room, dancing delicately and affectionately around us Her melancholy twinkles, like declining stars do before their final performance She leans into me, her perfume capturing the brilliance of autumn memories I sense her closing her eyes, tenderly and enduringly – and I do not move

Her opulent stillness takes a bow, the audience applauds in appreciation and her heartbeat slows The evening begins to weep, and it will weep forever

Tonight, I listen to the sounds of a detuned piano on the radio And think of nothing other than of her beauty and of her sadness

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