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A Fun Review of "Damaged" on GoodReads

Hi All

I am very thankful for readers who take the time to leave stars and reviews online for my collection of poetry “Damaged”. These reviews make a difference and I enjoy the feedback! ______________

Here is one of my favorite reviews on GoodReads – it stands out – and it’s a lot of fun!

“Jimmy Broccoli’s lyrical verses grabbed and wrangled my ovaries. Although a lot of his poems are dark and grim, (how I like them), his language is visual and has a catchy rhythm that’s easy to follow—and feel with intensity. I’m in love with his style and delivery and aspire to write more poetry and prose because of this book.” ______________

It appears my poetry is grabbing and wrangling ovaries. This is, without doubt, the highest praise my work has received, thus far, and these comments are greatly appreciated - Thank you to the reader for leaving this wonderful review of “Damaged”! May my next offering of poems be as gripping as “Damaged” has been – but, without causing any adverse physical reactions (LOL).

“Rabbits”, the follow-up to “Damaged”, will be released in January 2023.

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli at the Hyatt in Augusta, GA.

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