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  • Jimmy Broccoli

An Evening Sneaking Out Of The House - And Kiss

Hi All

I snuck out of my parents home for the first time at age 14. But, it was for a good reason.

My friend Liz C. had tickets for Kiss for both of us and, being a fan, I really wanted to go. And Liz owned a car and could drive us there. Liz and I still keep in touch, many years later.

So, a few days before the concert, I asked my parents if I could go and they said no. So I did what every early teen would do. I crawled out of my bedroom window around 7 pm, walked a block and a half, and met my friend Liz on a nearby street.

I was a new Kiss fan and, at that time, was only familiar with their no-makeup albums (Animalize and Asylum). This version of Kiss was much more glamorized (the music) than anything that came before or after for the group. And I absolutely loved it.

So, with amazing memories to support it, I present Kiss with "Heaven's On Fire" - a song I played on repeat (on cassette) for months and it is still a favorite.

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