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And This Christmas Will Be - A Very Special Christmas For Me

It’s Christmas – it’s Christmas day –

With the stockings hung and the carefully wrapped packages underneath the well-decorated and perfectly-lit tree –

It’s the dog barking with much excitement

soon after the humans awake to celebrate the day –

A day of togetherness and of love and of sharing and wonder

The tinsel glistens beautifully (even with the tree lights off) with a celebration of reflected color –

as the sun radiates through the winter front window (in spite of the snow) –

grandma and grandpa smile with delight as their traditions continue –

it’s a special day – filled with awe and with love –

the children sit semi-patiently around the tree –

it’s their favorite day –

A day of togetherness and of love and of sharing and wonder

Fresh cookies (the smell permeates the kitchen and the dining room with festive brilliance) –

Mom cannot stop herself from smiling – it’s a happy day –

She wrapped presents throughout the night,

but her tiredness bows to a morning filled with delight, with laughter, and with love and appreciation –

Dad sits in his comfortable chair with his cup of coffee, content

It’s a Schwinn – with the preferred handlebars Joey has been wanting –

Masculine red racing stripes along the bars –

and a pump-brake system the kids at school will find impressive

Sugarplums dance wildly and with great excitement –

Throughout the room – prancing proudly among the festivities –

Visions of fairies and of brownies and of gnomes and of other magical creatures –

amongst the hidden fantasies of our imaginations and of our wonder

Grandma’s fruit cake is ready – it’s hot out of the oven and brimming with comfort and deliciousness – it’s a holiday tradition in this home –

smiles welcome the appreciative neighbors entering the front door –

the more the merrier – and we all know it to be true

The pies – we don’t exactly know what mincemeat is – but it’s some type of meat within a pie – and we absolutely love it!

Or we love pumpkin – or apple – or cherry (there is ice cream for those who wish it) –

And cinnamon – it’s everywhere – it’s comforting and it’s warm and welcoming

Dad chews at his corncob pipe – though he quit smoking years ago –

it provides comfort – and it is tradition –

Carolers are outside of our front door – singing our favorite songs and hymns –

We step outside to join them and hum along with purpose, as we stay close to one another for warmth –

as we stay close to one another with love…

as our outdoor fire pit keeps the chill at bay –

Then - there’s popcorn – totally unexpected (!) – it’s grandma with a fun surprise

(it won’t ruin anyone’s appetite for supper) –

It’s kettle corn and kernels doused in immaculate butter and salt –

It’s sweet, it’s tangy, and it’s salty –

It’s the predictable Christmas surprise everyone looks forward to

We’re all in our pajamas still – with little sleep due to our excitement and expectations –

Thrown-to-the-side Christmas wrap (multicolored elves and trains and images of Santa) –

And it’s a fire truck – 5-year-olds celebrate fire trucks –

He presses the button, and it sounds – and dad and mom applaud –

He moves the truck around the carpet – it’s active and its siren sounds again –

It’s coming to save the town – and we all celebrate

The dinner smells Heavenly – like a bit of paradise –

Mother and grans in the kitchen (since dawn) is a photo worth taking –

The thermostats are set perfectly – the timing just right –

The crusts slightly browned, as the recipe recommends

Dad relaxes with a cup of hot chocolate, while mom sits comfortably with a glass of chardonnay –

The children are growing tired – they were awake much of the night –

Waiting for him – waiting for the man with the bag – the man with the toys

He visited our house this year (as he always does)

Smiles fill the room in all directions –

The lighted metal reindeer in the yard are motionlessly eating the snow-covered grass –

The mistletoe is hung –

The logs in the fireplace are burning to warm us on this glorious day –

It’s moments like this we cherish – it’s moments like this that allow us to realize and remember the beauty of the holiday season –

Of family – of togetherness – of love –

To remember what is important

Merry Christmas to us all!


…I am not in this poem

– but you knew that already…

It’s just something I don’t understand –

It’s just something I haven’t experienced

It’s just something I don’t relate to

I pour myself another glass of wine, as I sit alone –

Because that is what I do

Because that is what I do.

Photo: My 2022 Christmas Tree.

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