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Book Recommendations: Catherine Zickraff, Gary Maxwell, & Mike Davidson

Hi All

Looking for a great book to read? Here, I present 3 books I highly recommend - written by 3 amazingly talented authors. This time, all three recommendations are works of poetry.

From Left to Right:

Catherine Zickraff. "Soul Full of Eye". https://www.amazon.com/Soul.../dp/1945752289/ref=sr_1_1... I've followed Catherine's poetry for years and she remains among my favorite poets. And - soon I'll be making an announcement about Catherine and I teaming up on a really exciting project. Details to be released within the next couple of weeks!

Gary Maxwell. "Hell Yes! Hell No!". https://www.amazon.com/Hell.../dp/B09L519M2K/ref=sr_1_1... I first ran across Gary's poetry in mid-2021 and I've been addicted to it since. His voice is unique and his writing is always highly interesting and consistently well-crafted.

Mike Davidson. "The Arsonist's Manifesto". https://www.lulu.com/.../hardcover/product-wqn969.html... When I first "entered" the online poetry world 17 months ago, the poetry of Mike Davidson was among the first verse I was introduced to. Mike's poems, among poems of other highly talented writers, re-ignited my love for reading poetry and led me to, soon after, begin to share my work publicly again. Mike's poetry is top-notch and "The Arsonist's Manifesto" is brilliant from cover to cover.

I truly believe if we support one another, we can all succeed.

Photo: Taken by Jimmy Broccoli on the steps of the Vegetable Tray with a metal steampunk horse and two typewriter bookends.

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