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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Book Recommendations: Gen Banks & Orkidedatter

Hi All

Looking for a good book to read?

Today, I have two suggestions I highly recommend - both are books of poetry written by two outstanding poets. ______________

Gen Banks' "To Bedlam and Back". I was introduced to Gen's poetry only a few months ago - and, very soon after, ordered this title. It's exceptional from cover to cover. Gen is an Australian writer of Sri Lankan and Italian Heritage and one of the most skilled poets writing today. To Bedlam and Back: Step between the covers and traverse the wild landscape of Gen's inner world. Through tangled fields of love, heartache, humor and thing is certain: the journey to Bedlam and Back is bound to be a memorable one.

Orkidedatter's "Beautiful & Battered: Breaking Through the Chains". The poetry of Norwegian writer Orkidedatter is unique and powerful and her skill at molding words into beautiful poetic sculptures is extraordinary. Orkidedatter's name, in English, means "Orchid Daughter" - a name as captivating as her poetry.

I believe we will all succeed if we support one another.

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