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Book Recommendations: Leah Tilly, Giovanni Mangiante & C.R. Stone

Hi All

Looking for an amazing book to dive into? Here are three offerings I wholeheartedly recommend.

Today's recommendations consist of two books of poetry (one is presented in two languages in the same volume) and one memoir. I've read the works of numerous authors - and these writers are among the best writing today.

As writers, regardless of the genre you write (or enjoy reading), I find it important to uplift one another - discover the wonderful collections and stories of others - and to share the very best ones. This is my goal here. I truly believe supporting one another is the best path for all of us to be successful.

Here are my latest book recommendations - and all three are exceptional.

From Left to Right:

Leah Tilly. "The Good Junkie: An Addict's Journey". I discovered Leah's writing several months ago and haven't stopped reading it since. "The Good Junkie" is a detailed and confessional account of Leah's heroin addiction and the roller coaster journey that led her to recovery. Whether you're fighting addiction or know someone who is - this is the book.

Giovanni Mangiante. "Poems Written Under Peruvian Winters". In both English and in Spanish (in a single volume). The poetry of Giovanni Mangiante is among my favorites. I read his work when I'm looking for poetry that isn't extreme, but is endlessly interesting and brilliant - every word selected (seemingly) on purpose. He's a previously featured writer on my page and website and he's a really nice guy. Looking for poetry that is highly descriptive and frequently emotional - but doesn't punch you in the face? This is the collection of poems for you.

C.R. Stone. "Anon et Anon" Part I. Poet C. R. Stone is the first fellow poet I met when I began this poetic adventure (the Jimmy Broccoli Project). He reached out to me to ask about my love of English band Radiohead (based on a comment I made in a poetry forum). From then, we've shared our work with each other and chatted late into the evening (on several occasions). "Anon et Anon" Part I is C.R. Stone's journey of love and longing, angst and depression, and the underlying energy that connects us all. It's outstanding verse, written by a wonderful friend with a master ability to convey feelings and emotions to his audience.

Photo: Taken by Jimmy Broccoli in the front yard of The Vegetable Tray.

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