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Book Recommendations: Leah Tilly, Giovanni Mangiante & C.R. Stone

Hi All

Looking for an amazing book to dive into? Here are three offerings I wholeheartedly recommend.

Today's recommendations consist of two books of poetry (one is presented in two languages in the same volume) and one memoir. I've read the works of numerous authors - and these writers are among the best writing today.

As writers, regardless of the genre you write (or enjoy reading), I find it important to uplift one another - discover the wonderful collections and stories of others - and to share the very best ones. This is my goal here. I truly believe supporting one another is the best path for all of us to be successful.

Here are my latest book recommendations - and all three are exceptional.

From Left to Right:

Leah Tilly. "The Good Junkie: An Addict's Journey". https://www.amazon.com/Good.../dp/0578353717/ref=sr_1_1... I discovered Leah's writing several months ago and haven't stopped reading it since. "The Good Junkie" is a detailed and confessional account of Leah's heroin addiction and the roller coaster journey that led her to recovery. Whether you're fighting addiction or know someone who is - this is the book.

Giovanni Mangiante. "Poems Written Under Peruvian Winters". In both English and in Spanish (in a single volume). https://www.bookhubpublishing.com/.../poems-written.../ The poetry of Giovanni Mangiante is among my favorites. I read his work when I'm looking for poetry that isn't extreme, but is endlessly interesting and brilliant - every word selected (seemingly) on purpose. He's a previously featured writer on my page and website and he's a really nice guy. Looking for poetry that is highly descriptive and frequently emotional - but doesn't punch you in the face? This is the collection of poems for you.

C.R. Stone. "Anon et Anon" Part I. https://www.amazon.com/Anon.../dp/1708412646/ref=sr_1_1... Poet C. R. Stone is the first fellow poet I met when I began this poetic adventure (the Jimmy Broccoli Project). He reached out to me to ask about my love of English band Radiohead (based on a comment I made in a poetry forum). From then, we've shared our work with each other and chatted late into the evening (on several occasions). "Anon et Anon" Part I is C.R. Stone's journey of love and longing, angst and depression, and the underlying energy that connects us all. It's outstanding verse, written by a wonderful friend with a master ability to convey feelings and emotions to his audience.

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