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Book Recommendations: Michael Sutton, Rhiannon Gwyneth Owens, Ashley O'Keefe & Kevin M. Hibshman

Hi All

Looking for a good book to read?

Below are 3 suggestions I highly recommend! Today's recommendations are all works of poetry (with some prose). ______________

Michael Sutton. "to sleep with Ghosts". I was first introduced to Michael's poetry a few months ago and continue to follow his work. "to sleep with Ghosts" is an outstanding collection - it revolves around existential themes of alienation, emotional wounds, and uncertainty in the face of change. Michael writes within a poetic world I understand and relate to and this offering will keep you turning the pages until the very end. It's exceptional verse.

Rhiannon Gwyneth Owens & Ashley O'Keefe. "Rhianno & Asley: In Poetic Dreams". Both Rhiannon & Ashley are among my favorite poets - their work transports the reader into beautiful (and oftentimes emotional) landscapes with crystal-clear and creative imagery. This is Book 5 in their series - and it's extraordinary from cover to cover.

Kevin M. Hibshman. "Just Another Small Town Story". Kevin is a storyteller - weaving words together with great imagination and attention to detail. His narratives - both his poetry and his prose - are highly captivating. I keep my copy of "Just Another Small Town Story" on top of my nightstand (between ornate bookends) - where many of my favorite books are kept - and it belong there. ______________

I believe we will all succeed if we support one another.

Photo: Caesar, the Therapy Bunny Rabbit, hanging out on a bench in the front yard with the poetry.

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