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Book Review: John Patrick Robbins' "Are We Dead Yet?"

Hi All

I hope you are having an amazing day! This is a book review. ______________

John Patrick Robbin’s newest collection of poetry, “Are We Dead Yet?”, is so page-turning and captivating, I physically violated my copy – I highlighted lines and stanzas I will revisit – and I wrote notes in the blank spaces around the poems. I don’t usually write in the books I read. “Are We Dead Yet?” is (easily) among my favorite collections of poetry released within the past few years.

John Patrick Robbin’s previous collection “The Mirror Masks Nothing” – a collaboration with the extraordinary poet Kevin M. Hibschman, is fantastic writing – several months ago I read it from cover to cover while sitting by a motel swimming pool and drinking too many glasses of wine. “Are We Dead Yet?” continues in a similar vein (of writing), but diverges slightly from the raw and youthful adventures of Robbins’ previous work – and delves into a (much) darker and mischievous world – a realm that is only barely lit (with a single bulb hanging from a single string) –

…and it’s exceptional.

If you want to read some of the best poetry being written today – this is one of the collections I highly recommend. And, if you share my love of narrative (storytelling) poetry – this is a must-read. ______________

Fill in the Blanks (from "Are We Dead Yet?"):

I think I will buy a shotgun and take a walk off into the horizon. As I have no more dreams to chase. But some demons who are long overdue to be put to rest.

I think I will lie down, taking my life deep within the woods. If a lost soul falls to his own hands, does anyone truly ever hear his cries for help? ______________

If you would like to pick of a copy of John Patrick Robbins”, “Are We Dead Yet?”, you can find one here:

John Patrick Robbins is the Editor in Chief of the Rye Whiskey Review - you can find him and his Ezine at

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with John Patrick Robbins', "Are We Dead Yet?".

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