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Briana Botsford - Bots Media

Hi All

From the first day of the Jimmy Broccoli Project, I've had the amazing opportunity to work with many I admire - many who are among the best at what they do - including poets, other writers, photographers, and publishers. I have not taken this journey alone.

Today, I would like to give a shout-out and a huge THANK YOU to Briana Botsford - of Bots Media - she is one of the most creative, imaginative and talented people I've ever worked with - her attention to detail and dedication to excellence are unparalleled. And - she has worked closely with me for over 2 years - so, I've got to also mention her patience - I'm certain I'm not always the easiest person to work with (- Haha). I share my really wild and insane ideas with her - she listens, takes notes and offers suggestions - and then she makes it happen - and ALWAYS with results far surpassing anything/everything I ever expected.

Briana is the artist who creates all of my book covers (images below) - she creates all announcements and fliers for live appearances - she edits my videos and will be directing the upcoming "Rabbits" promo video (it is going to be amazing - and really intense) - she is the illustrator of my first children's book (tentatively to be released mid-2023) - she is my promotional photographer and she is my consultant. I am (constantly) in awe of Briana's ability to master multiple projects simultaneously. I write/plan it - and she makes it come to life - beautifully and with colors that fill the sky with fireworks!

I think it's important we recognize those who add value to our lives - to thank those who work alongside us and enrich our lives - who make living more enjoyable and interesting.

Briana (Bots Media) - I am truly thankful for all you do - working with you is both a privilege and an honor. Cheers (with glasses raised high) to our continued partnership, friendship, and future adventures!

Images: Encore, Rabbits, Damaged & Spotlight - the covers - all created by Briana Botsford of Bots Media.

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