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Cammy Carrots with His Monster Truck, "Jimmy Broccoli"

Hi All

This is super fun and I absolutely love it! – last night little man Cammy Carrots (this may be an alias – hummm…), one of the sons of two wonderful friends of mine, named his big, manly-man monster truck after me – yes, he named his monster truck “Jimmy Broccoli” (Cammy Carrots and truck shown in photo below).

And, yes – you guessed it right – Cammy Carrots is a relative of Resident Master Storyteller Kelly Celery.

I love this little man – he’s amazing. I’ll be visiting little Mr. Carrots in a week and a half – and I’ll be scooting toy cars around the floor (and over the furniture, I highly suspect) with him for what, I expect, may be the better part of the day – and I am very much looking forward to it! Being "Uncle Jimmy" is a lot of fun!

Photo posted with permission given by Cammy's parents.

Photo: Cammy Carrots with his monster truck, "Jimmy Broccoli".

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