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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Cellar Door

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

He scoops ice cream in the mall at the food court

I drop by the ice cream shoppe (middle English spelling – if not mistaken) He makes me a double fudge 2 scoops because I don’t understand portion control

He sits across from me, his t-shirt too tight for his muscles He smiles at me and I think of a field of sunflowers “It’s really good to see you”, I say Like I say at the beginning of every visit I can smell the testosterone from across the table And smile, though mine is a bit crooked - And I only smile by accident

I’m on lunch, so I’m in a dress shirt and tie Slacks, perfectly pressed and tailored Shoes polished and shiny

I use the word “amalgamation” in some random sentence Some passing thoughts about something I read earlier that day And he interrupts me to call me “professor” Which is something I am not - I watch his head tilt to the side As he smirks at me - as he does so well And I chuckle in the nerdy fashion he expects

When he talks, I seldom have to concentrate And I cannot tell you how much I love this about him Complicated are the emotions I feel toward him But not what he actively gives me He gives me something simple and beautiful

He allows me to exhale (and I do) And he makes me smile like nothing else does Even if my smile is crooked and by accident

But he is not crooked or an accident… When his parents come for dinner, I bring out the candles The fancy ones I had never expected to burn

Tonight is movie night

We’re watching something about aliens and dinosaurs And I don’t question the correlation [I’m going to marry this man one day] He pops the popcorn, while I project the app onto the TV screen

And there is nowhere I’d rather be Nowhere at all

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