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Cheerio's Book Reviews: Kevin Hibschman & Mike Zone

Hi All

This is the 5th installment in the Cheerio's Book Reviews series. Cheerio (The Anxiety Bunny Rabbit) & I read a couple of books - and then we let you know what we think about them.

The books briefly reviewed today are Kevin Hibschman's "Cease to Destroy" & Mike Zone's "Wonderful Turbulence". ______________

I've been reading Kevin Hibschman's poems since I was first introduced to his work a little over 3 years ago - and I've read his books. I've read "Just Another Small Town Story" (I highly recommend it), "The Mirror Masks Nothing" (a collaboration between Kevin and John Patrick Robbins) - which is one of my favorite collections of poetry (ever) - and very recently I had the pleasure of diving into "Cease to Destroy".

"Cease To Destroy" proves that - once again - Kevin's ability to tell a story is top-notch - he is an outstanding storyteller - writing verse with which I highly relate. This latest volume is a wonderful follow-up to "The Mirror Masks Nothing" - "Cease to Destroy" is much like it's predecessor - it's revealing, sometimes confessional, and an absolute please to read!

Here is a poem from "Cease to Destroy" (reprinted with permission):

Come By

I will let you in the back door. We will watch something on a smart TV. It’s so late, and I really need someone to sit here with me.

Come by. I am alone and shuddering at the way life must be lived. I do not wish to die but can no longer forgive my ghosts. Here they are now at their usual hour.

I have always enjoyed your kind. The kind that looks as if they could swing on anything, could turn on a dime. I see flashes of the brilliance you feel the need to hide. The choice is yours to die or to ride. You must come over. Not one thing has gone right.

Cheerio & I both give Kevin Hibschman's "Cease to Destroy" five (very enthusiastic) stars (out of five) - .

If you'd like to pick up a copy, you can find one here:

What is the best way to describe the poetry of Mike Zone?

Personal, raw, real, gritty, sometimes emotional, powerful, relatable (fascinating to read, well-written, & detailed too)...? Yeah - I use all of these words to describe Mike's style - both for his written work and his spoken word pieces (I highly recommending viewing his spoken word videos).

Although I've read much of Mike's poetry since first being introduced to it a couple of years ago - "Wonderful Turbulence" is my first Mike Zone collection of poems - and, boy, is it a wild ride! It's the rollercoaster you finish and then race back to get in line to ride again and again. With the cover design and inside artwork masterfully created by Paul Warren, "Wonderful Turbulence" is (easily) one of the best collections within recent years.

Here is a poem from "Wonderful Turbulence" (reprinted with permission):

Tricks are for kids

Turning tricks

That’s what you do


9 – 5

in an office

stocking merchandise in a store on a humid afternoon

sucking cock for crack in the backseat of a john’s car

flipping burgers

fixing cards

assembling doodads in factory daze

cleaning up squalid shit in…


you get

the picture

contemplate this

every morning

breaking fast


your star-spangled cereal

pour vodka in the bowl

instead of milk

break of champions


You’ll never be one

Cheerio & I both give Mike Zone's "Wonderful Turbulence" 5 (as with Kevin's book - very enthusiastic) stars (out of 5).

If you wish to pick up a copy, you can find one here:

Photo: Cheerio (the Anxiety Bunny Rabbit) with Kevin Hibschman's "Cease to Destroy" and with Mike Zone's "Wonderful Turbulence".

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