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Coloring Pages - Yay!

Hi All

I have super exciting news! The Jimmy Broccoli coloring pages (for children and adults) are ready for free download. And, if you live in the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area or in Augusta, GA, I'll be happy to deliver a box of crayons to your door.

The coloring pages are really amazing! I want to give a HUGE (underlined and in bold, if I knew how to do that on Facebook) thank you to artist Ian Blackburn - these pages far exceeded all expectations. They are pretty gosh darn awesome! And, in the coloring pages, I'm muscular - and I'm okay with that (even if

this detail is not physically accurate (Lol).

Please let me know if you are unable to download and print them - and I'll be happy to message you them as documents or .pdfs.

Coloring Page 1 (soon to have a more exciting title) is me walking a senior puppy and Coloring Page 2 (also to soon have a more exciting title) is me hanging out with a senior puppy while sitting against a tree and reading. Jimmy loves him some puppies!

I hope you enjoy the coloring pages!

P.S. - in a month or two I'll be offering a coloring contest with prizes (real, physical prizes to be mailed to you - not virtual "awards" or badges or other type of who-cares nonsense). Please stay tuned for details...



Coloring Page 1
Download PDF • 3.43MB


Coloring Page 2
Download PDF • 2.38MB

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