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Comments on "I Took My Life Tonight"

Hi All

I've written a new poem and am excited to share it here (for the first time), but want to make a few, very brief, comments first.

Awhile ago I introduced my poem, "Cellar Door", - and very much appreciate the feedback you provided. From messages I received, a few thought it was on-point, many long-time readers were a bit surprised at the positive tone, and newer readers shared encouraging comments on the "happy" tone my work was leaning.

But, as day becomes night, calm winds become hurricanes, and smiles turn into disappointments, life - including, through art - changes. And I find these changes important and often adventurous.

I, with hesitation - because of the subject matter - am posting (here) the second poem to be included in my next collection of poems. It is "Cellar Door" if you turned it upside down, broke it into sharp, jagged pieces, spit on it, then yelled at it for hours, then stomped on it, and then set it on fire. My latest poem is not the "most beautiful" phrase in the English language - it's among the worst and there are no worse words a parent, a friend, or a loved one can think, feel, or imagine.

The Jimmy Broccoli page (and very soon to be the really amazing website) is followed by several different types of people - which is amazing! But, among them, are very close and loved friends and - recently - family members have joined the page...

In the past, I've mentioned (and it's true) that about 2% of my poems are autobiographical and the remaining 98% are based on small scraps of ideas, emotions, or observations. And sometimes I'm just guessing - and sometimes I get it right (and sometimes I don't). It is important for friends, family, and others who enjoy my writing to understand, "I Took My Life Tonight", is part of the 98%. It does not reflect how I am feeling - I'm doing fine. But it is the type of writing that can potentially scare people. Please, just know I'm doing well. For real - In the real world I'm super excited about watching "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" tonight for the first time - all is okay.

So, with no further disclaimers, warnings, or is my latest poem, "I Took My Life Tonight". I hope you enjoy it.

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