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Damaged - #1 Poetry Book in 3 Categories in the US (Amazon) - #1 & #2 in 2 Categories in UK

Hi All

This isn't the announcement I had planned to make today. I didn't expect this - at all (and I didn't plan to make an announcement - of any kind).

Moments ago, the e-book for "Damaged" hit #1 in the United States (Amazon - Free LGBTQ+ Poetry Books) and hit #2 in the United Kingdom (Amazon - Same Category)!

Also, in the United States - "Damaged" is currently ranked #2 in the (Amazon - Free) American Poetry category and ranked #3 in the (Amazon - Free) Books About Death category. And, currently, "Damaged" is ranked at #1 (Amazon - Free) in the American Poetry category in the United Kingdom.

I cannot thank you all enough for your amazing support of me and my work!

Rarely is it difficult for me to find the words to say (Haha) - but this is one of those moments.

Next, comes "Rabbits", the follow-up to "Damaged" and my second collection of poetry - to be released on Halloween 2022!

If you'd like to pick up a free copy of "Damaged", please click on one of the links below. It's yours (if you want it) - and it's free. Totally free. The promotion ends on Friday evening - if you want your free copy, please click below.

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