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"Damaged" Contest Winner #1

Hi All

Congratulations goes to Rachel Kee (from Augusta, Georgia, USA) for winning the Jimmy Broccoli prize package!

The giveaway contest asked the question - "How old was I when the below photo was taken"? Although nobody guessed my age exactly, Rachel guessed it within 1 year.

In the below photo I was 9 days away from turning 40. So, the answer is "39" and Rachel's guess of "38" came closest. Rachel will be sent a brand new, autographed Jimmy Broccoli "Damaged" 11" x 7" poster (the poster is not damaged - it is in perfect condition), an autographed copy of my sample book of poems, "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream", and a Jimmy Broccoli 2022 bumper sticker. And, Rachel - if you'd like - I'll throw in a few Jimmy Broccoli "He Plays With Puppies" coloring pages - they are 50 shades of fun for the entire family.

Special mention goes to contest participants who guessed me in my late teens or in my early - mid 20s. Although these answers are not correct - they made me smile (in a fun way) and, honestly, made my day.

Thank you to all who participated! I'm certain there will be more fun giveaways within the coming weeks.

To order "Damaged" on Amazon (it is available as an e-book and as a paperback on all Amazon platforms - .com and international):

Pictured: Jimmy Broccoli. 39 Years Old.

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