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  • Jimmy Broccoli

"Damaged" on the Shelves of More Libraries

I have exciting new!

A couple of months ago the Chattahoochee River Valley Library System (in Georgia) accepted my collection of poems, "Damaged", to be added to their collection.

Since then, two other library systems and a university have accepted it.

A HUGE thank you goes to the Augusta-Richmond County Library System, the Columbia County Library System, and to the Philip Weltner Library, at Oglethorpe University, for adding "Damaged" to their shelves!

If you are familiar with my work, you know much of it contains adult content and language - and this has made a few libraries and (more than a few) bookstores unwilling to add the book to their shelves. So - when I get a "Yes" - I get out the party hats and horns and buy the celebration cake.

To everyone reading this - thank you for making this (poetic) journey a fun one! I appreciate your support very much!

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