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"Damaged" - Reviewed by Charlene Fox

Hi All

I would like to thank the amazing Charlene Fox for her very kind review of "Damaged" (my first collection of poems)!

I'm thrilled, months later, "Damaged" is still being discovered and enjoyed - I am very pleased with the feedback I've received and am very appreciative of everyone who has picked up a copy!

Thank you Charlene - your review has made an average day, AMAZING!

Charlene's Review:

Is truth stranger than fiction?

Reading through Jimmy Broccoli’s book DAMAGED, I couldn't tell if it was fact or fiction.

From the moment I opened the book, I was met with stories so raw and real that my fingers turned the pages without thought. I found my heart breaking along with his, some pieces so excruciatingly painful.

Love and loathing, pain and suffering, life and death. Is this book a rollercoaster of emotion? Absolutely, with the cars flying off the track, landing at foot of despair and then climbing the ladder towards healing, side by side with the author.

Photo: By Charlene Fox.

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