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"Damaged" To Be Released: January 2022

Hi All

Originally my book of poetry “Damaged” was scheduled to be released this December, but I’ve decided to delay the release until early January of 2022. I’d like to start the new year off with an optimistic bang.

I’m friends with a lot of writers – and many of them have released books. And their book covers are, more often than not, absolutely breathtaking. Whether the scene depicted is horrific, fantastical, within the realm of science-fiction, or displaying a tranquil poetic setting, most recent book covers (I’ve seen) are detailed, colorful, emotionally impactful, and created by highly talented artists.

For my book, I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Simple. The cover image is straight-forward. It’s raw poetry with a hint of color and metallic shine.

This is the “Official” cover reveal for my book “Damaged”. Welcome to the party!

In early January, this image will be followed by approximately 71 pages of poetry, commentary, and art – with a few surprises. If you own the digital copy of "Damaged", there will be dozens of (potentially) interesting links you can follow. Yes - down the rabbit hole we all go.

When my book is released, unlike many other poets (with respect to them), my page and website will not turn into a repetitive plea to buy my book (it will be available on Amazon). I will mention it, upon release, and you can buy it or not. I’m just happy you’re here. And, if your financial situation doesn’t easily allow you to buy it – and you want a copy – I’ll buy it for you. I have always strongly believed money should never be a barrier between a reader and a book. If you tell me you want a copy and have other places to put your money – let me know – no questions asked. I’ll buy it and send it to you. And I’ll autograph it for you, if you’d like. Though I strongly suspect this won’t increase the value – even a little bit – but who knows? LOL.

“Damaged” is and will be my blood spilled upon paper. A confessional to be shared among interested listeners and readers. And it will include poems I've never released.

Here is the cover reveal for “Damaged”. By Jimmy Broccoli. And it will be available in January of 2022. I'll admit it - I'm super excited!

Credit goes to Briana Botsford of Botsford Media for combining the image with the metallic lettering below it. It’s simple - and even better than I had initially imagined.

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