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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Dark Poetry Society E-Zine #14: Music Mayhem

Hi All

I am very thankful to all publications who include my work – I throw profanity, adult situations, and emotions around like light-weight confetti (all who read are covered with it) – and everyone (and every publication) isn’t okay with that – from my experience, most aren’t. Dark Poetry Society is – and I’m truly grateful.

I am thrilled my short story, La Reine Est Morte - Longue Vie à La Reine (The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen), was chosen to be among the fantastic writings (written by outstanding poets) within the pages of Dark Poetry Society’s E-Zine #14: Music Mayhem.

Hanging on my wall next to the (very kind) accolades I’ve received are the rejection letters. Throughout the years I’ve learned my work is frequently not “meeting the needs” of several publications worldwide – but I take these rejection notices in stride – my writing isn’t for everybody, but there is an audience for it. The online and in-print resources who include my work are brave and greatly appreciated – without them, I’d be a near-voiceless poet. These journals are essential – and the folks who work tirelessly to promote our writing are awesome!

This poetic journey has been an incredible one for me – and I’ve met several amazing people and poets along the way – and continue to do so on most days. We are stronger together – it is true. We make a difference – we change perceptions by the language we use – and we influence the lives of others with our words.

May that never end.

Keep writing. People are listening.

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