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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Disabling the Airbag

He closes my window curtains, suffocating the sunlight that dances among the living In decided and purposeful darkness, he embraces me like he is evening and I a broken star A pre-arranged holiday gift, wrapped in brilliant golds and memorable blues The syringe whispers gently, as I recline, my head against my favorite pillow

My memories swirl to unheard music His eyes look down at me, and I notice they are green, perhaps green-blue His skin is wrapping paper perfect, shiny Christmas bows is his kindness My will is tissue paper, failed festive translucent reds and greens

I will soon drown in chemical dark waters, light, with dignity, strangled My name will soon evaporate on the lips of peaceful, yet steady winds I want to disappear, gently and completely Vanishing lightly, a hum after solid words are extinguished

My arm feels warm, as he holds my hand and says gentle and kind words Angelic wings announce themselves, his back holds the weight My eyes close and I begin to disappear, slowly, returning to the stars There is no pain, there is no regret – only faint and beautiful music remembered

I step into enchantment, and, with affectionate hands, he releases me Elegant flowers wither without bitterness, without reservation

A silent thank you, I disclose in unheard appreciation As I am now, what I have always wanted to become

- Jimmy Broccoli

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