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"Encore" - 1-Year Anniversary

Hi All

First - Happy New Year!

A friend and I went out on Saturday evening (December 30th) - had a blast and I woke up the next morning (December 31st) with a VERY swollen eyelid (and it's still swollen). So - it seems I have an allergy or pink eye or something fun (not really ) going on. Either way, I'll survive it!

I want to begin the year by looking back, if I may.

One year ago - on January 1st, 2023 - my second anthology, "Encore" was released. Due to the AMAZING poetry within it's pages and the highly-talented poets with work included, it sold really well. All proceeds were sent to PALS (Pets Are Loving Support) - and, together, we helped make a difference in the lives of many (in the Atlanta, Georgia area) - the proceeds of "Encore" directly went to purchasing dog and cat food for pet parents going through a financially challenging time - the proceeds helped many families be able to keep their 4-legged loved ones - and it helped pay for highly discounted vet visits and vaccinations. Thank you for that - it really warms my heart when a community (in this case, the online poetry community) comes together.

Also - I cannot move forward without acknowledging those we lost during 2023 - the poetry community lost MANY in 2023 - to include William H. Balzac, Patrick Jones, Red Saunders & Rexanne Endicott - all treasured friends of mine (and, most likely, treasured friends of many who are reading this). Their light will continue to shine brightly - with that said - I miss them - I miss them deeply - wonderful friends taken too soon.

Looking forwards, I plan to release 3 poetry collections in 2024 - "Failure" (March 18th, 2024 - a "best of" collection), "The Red Time of the Year" (with fingers crossed, July 2024), and "Hung" (tentatively late 2024, early 2025). And - if I get the energy to do it (Haha - it's a lot of work), I might release the on-hold anthology (and follow up to "Encore"), "Ovation" - we shall see.

Thank you all for being a part of my life - your friendships mean the world to me. I LOVE being a part of the poetry community - joining it was one of the best decisions I've made (a HUGE thank you goes to fellow poet and long-term friend, Catherine Zickgraf for suggesting I "give it a try").

Here's to 2024 - may it bring with it many wonderful things for all of us. And may it treat those going through a rough time gently and with compassion.

Image: Encore.

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