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"Encore" - Anthology - 1st List of Chosen Poets

Hi All

I hope you’re having an amazing day!

Last night I began poetry selections for my upcoming anthology, “Encore” – and I’m very excited to announce the names of the first 14 (of 80 or so) poets whose work was chosen to be included within its pages:

Pureheart Wolf Brown

Avant Avant-garde

Marie Harris

Mike Zone

Carol Ann

Courtney Glover

Mena Sisto

Johnny Francis Wolf

Genevieve Ray


Rafik Romdhani

Susan Joyner-Stumpf

Roebain Christians

Jared Morningstar

A HUGE thank you goes to every poet listed above – thank you for agreeing to have your poetry included in the anthology!

I strongly believe some of the best poetry ever written is being written today – in 2022 – and the poets chosen for “Encore” are among the best writers writing today. I am truly honored and grateful to include their work! I will continue to select poems for “Encore” and contact poets over the next several days. Image: The Jimmy Broccoli logo. The cover for "Encore" is in progress and will be revealed as soon as it is complete.

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