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Encore: In Memory of Patrick Jones

Hi All

I hope you are enjoying the day!

A few evenings ago, I learned a good friend of mine had passed. Patrick Jones (known as Patrik Jonez, by request, in the anthology "Encore") was an accomplished local theatre actor, a highly talented poet, and my friend (and a friend to many).

Soon the paperback version to "Encore" will list a dedication to Patrick Jones - his work is within the anthology and I know he was excited his poems would be published (if not mistaken, for the first time).

On its first day of release, Encore reached #2 in the Amazon category New Release Poetry Anthology and reached #9 in the Poetry Anthology category in the United States – it has remained in the top 10 for the past week and is currently (as of last night) remaining strong at #5. It is selling very well - and I thank you for it.

The in-person announcement (originally scheduled for January) and kick-off event for Encore will happen on February 21st, 7:00 pm at Lips, Atlanta (in Atlanta, Georgia, USA) to a crowd of a few hundred (it’s a PALS of Georgia event – Drag Queen Bingo). Yes, the official in-person announcement of Encore is happening at Drag Queen Bingo – which I think is awesome and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

The evening (and the anthology) will be dedicated to Patrick Jones – a fantastic writer and actor - a good man and a true friend. I miss Patrick very much and wish he were here to see his writing in print.

Patrick has two poems within the pages of "Encore" - they are presented here:


Universal ebbing into the webbing of what's meant for you, Give yourself due and taste the fruit, Which stems from temperance, Empress clues, Revenues, of works past spent, They will be sent, When your view is no longer askew, Mountains are by moved the roots in you, Hold fast to your dreams, For they will be renewed, By the spark of a Magician's cue, The hunger, the light, the darkness, mark this, As the cards unfold, Spiritual food ____


AlcheMe, And my own fantastical hand, Golden lights glitter, Manifestations, Where I stand, Cosmic morsels, Source fuels, Fat of the land, Weaved woes to wealth, What else? A trick of my plan, An abundantly attractive force, Building Pentacles with sand, My cups runneth over, Quenching dry glands, Create as I write, Blueprints for grands, Magic smells sweet because of the seeds planted, Granted by 'Can'

Images: The cover of "Encore" & a photo of Patrick Jones - actor, writer, and friend.

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