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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Spotlight: The Sherry Counsellors

Hi All

It's time for me to put the spotlight on a very talented group of musicians whose originality and consistency to excellence is admirable and exciting. This isn't a general or generic shout-out to a band I enjoy - one of it's members is an amazing guy and a friend of mine - and he (and the rest of the band) are on my Playlist regularly and they release song after song that reach the top of the N1M Indie Charts.

It is with great excitement I introduce (or re-introduce, if you are already a fan) The Sherry Counsellors.

They expect to soon kick off their "Built for Stadiums" tour, that may include dates in the United States in Spring. I'll be in the front row, supporting a friend and an amazingly talented band. And, yes, I can mosh with the best of them.

Here are the Sherry Counsellors - and I hope you enjoy it! Give them a listen - you'll quickly be a fan.

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