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Forest Swords - Permission To Use "Crow" For Promotional Video

I have something fun to share.

I am releasing the promotional video for my collection of poetry, "Damaged", four months after the book's release. I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit.

A few hours ago, I received a response from English composer (mostly experimental and electronic music), record producer and DJ Matthew Barnes (better known as Forest Swords) giving me full permission to use part of his amazing and musical revolutionary composition, "Crow" (a link is provided below) in my promotional video. I then, soon after, spoke to Matt's business manager and the paperwork is being drawn up.

My insane story ideas and visual concepts, along with the brilliant, creative, and technical expertise of the production team (Botsford Media and Weir Media) - and with a powerful musical score - the production is certain to produce a visually and audibly stunning and memorable (30 second) cinematic experience. Tentatively to be released in late March or early April, 2022.

"Damaged" is selling fairly (and surprisingly) well - thanks to all of you, my wonderful friends, who follow my work - and the reviews are very kind - I've read them multiple times. And, now, with a promotional video soon to be released, I'm hoping to introduce "Damaged" to new audiences, while continuing to entertain and engage the amazing friends and supporters I've gained over the past 16 months. And the music for the promo - provided generously by the exceptionally talented international phenomenon that is Forest Swords.

It's been a good day. It's been an incredible year (the first 11 days). I wish nothing more than for 2022 to bring wonderful things into all of our lives. I'm not used to feeling grateful and having hope. Yet, here they both are in my life, breathing.

Forest Swords. "Crow" (seconds :16 - :46):

Pictured: Matthew Barnes (Forest Swords).

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