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Hannah Murray - Cassie Ainsworth (Skins)

Hi All

I was and still am a huge fan of the British program (programme) "Skins" (2007 - 2010) - and my favorite character is Cassie Ainsworth, without a second thought.

Cassie is played by actress Hannah Murray. Hannah's delivery brings Cassie to life in the most amazing ways. Her expressions, her meaningful hesitations - the way she tilts her head when confused at the appropriate moments... It's acting at it's finest.

During every viewing, the character of Cassie is spellbinding and (due to excellent writing), just about everything Cassie says or expresses makes me think or laugh out loud. The scene where she explains her eating habits to Sid (her friend and possible later partner) is more than noteworthy. An anorexic, Cassie demonstrates to Sid how she pushes her food around her plate during conversation in an attempt to fool her dinner companions into thinking she is eating anything at all. It's horribly sad and brilliant at the same time. If you've followed my page for awhile, you know 7 years later I would relate to this scene.

Few capture and hold a scene like Hannah Murray does. If I were ever to have a boy crush on a girl, she would be my crush. She's wonderfully talented and beautiful and a character actor to a point of excellence few others can match.

Here is Blonde Redhead with "Elephant Woman" - it includes clips that include Hannah Murray and, even without knowing the storyline or the movie from which the scenes are taken, I absolutely love it!

But - If you know the title of this movie, will you let me know it? That would be awesome.

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