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Happy New Year 2022 - From Jimmy Broccoli

Hi All

A wonderful and long-time (33 years) friend of mine died a year ago today (his name was Michael) and, last night, I wrote a semi-lengthy commentary about waking up to the news of his death a few minutes after 9 am (local time) on New Year’s Day, 2021.

I deleted it because it’s not how I wish to begin the new year. I’m certain there will be plenty of time to write about tragedies in 2022, but I don’t want to start the year off with them. Perhaps, I can walk into the new year [and you are welcome to join me in this endeavor if you’d like] with a hint or a sprinkling of optimism and appreciation.


To my family – and to all my wonderful friends – may you all have a very happy and amazing 2022!

We all deserve it.

Pictured: Jimmy Broccoli. Photo taken by Briana Botsford of Botsford Media.

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