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How Old Am I In the Photo (?) Contest - Winner Announced

Hi All

A big thank you goes to all who participated in today's "How Old Am I in the Photo" Contest. It was a lot of fun!

A huge congratulations goes to Christie McGee-Blackburn for providing the correct answer!

The correct answer is "40 years old".

What has Christie won? Christie has won her choice of an autographed copy of "Damaged" (my collection of poetry) or an autographed copy of "Spotlight" (my anthology) and coloring pages for the kids, depicting me (as a human floret of broccoli) hanging out and walking puppies (because puppies are awesome!).

Special mention goes to all who guessed me in my 20s - please know how much that made me smile. And special mention goes to Rob Steele for providing the most creative answer of "3,574 billion years old" - it gave me a chuckle.

Thanks again all - it's wonderful having you here and I very much enjoy being a part of your lives. It truly does mean so much to me!

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli. 40 years old in the photo.

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