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  • Jimmy Broccoli

I Am Trash (Not A Personal Judgement)

Hi All

About a week ago I received a package in the mail. It contained the bottle of cologne I ordered weeks before.

Made by notable French perfume maker Etat Libre D'orange, my sample spray vial of "I Am Trash" (also known as "Les Fleurs Du Dechet") had arrived!

With hints of rose petals, sandalwood chips, and a "woodsy" blend, "I Am Trash" adds masculine and floral brilliance to any occasion!

It's casual enough to wear at home, but sophisticated enough to wear for a fine meal or a night on the town. Your partner may say, "That is lovely", and ask, "What is that delicious scent?". I look forward to proudly announcing, "that's I Am Trash".

Nowadays there isn't a need to set expectations too high - whether meeting with potential business partners or on a first date. Once they learn you are wearing I Am Trash, they will have no expectations of you (at all) and you can just be yourself for the evening, without a care to impress others.

It enables you to "wow" them with your magnetic and engaging personality - because, how much can they really expect from someone who wears cologne with the word "trash" in it's name? Feel free to dazzle them all!

On a 1 - 5 star rating scale, I give I Am Trash 4 stars for being edgy, excitingly original and infinitely alluring.

Whether you prefer to pick up the $4 sample bottle or the $150 mega-bottle, you can find the product here:


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