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  • Jimmy Broccoli

I Didn’t Know Birds Could Sing – I Had Never Heard Their Voices

I open the living room windows – I had already removed the screens –

and a single bird flies into the room

I don’t know the type of bird it is – I know nothing about birds –

Its feathers are deep creamy white, black, and brilliant shades of piercing blues and greens –

It begins singing a bird song – and it sounds happy and loving –

and I can hear the song – without an interpreter or a hearing aid

Until recently, I didn’t know birds could sing –

A second bird flies into the room –

perhaps I should return the screens to the windows –

but I very much do not want to do that –

For now – no screens on the windows

The second bird joins the first bird in song –

and its song, too, I can hear –

it’s lovely –

Its feathers are a striking shade of yellow –

with tiny patches of red and dark purple

“What’s going on with these birds?”, I ask aloud

The phone rings – and I know it’s him calling

The birds fly out my living room windows, together –

carrying their birdsong with them

I pick up the phone – “Hello”, I say aloud into the receiver

His voice is beautiful – like a birdsong –

and I can hear it –

finally, I can hear it

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli

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