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I Don't Want to Go to Heaven

I don’t want to go to Heaven I want to go where they went

(the time has not yet come, but it will)

“Doctor, I’ve lived an interesting life And don’t regret a moment of living - And I’m okay with moving on I am loved – and, for that, I am thankful! It is time for me to breathe one last time and then never take another breath”

Then… (the time has not yet come, but it will)

The lines on the heart monitor flat line and the beeping becomes a solid tone The nurses come running and my father’s face fills with tears My sister gasps, turns away and, emotional, leaves the room for anyplace else My best friend, sitting beside me, as I lay in the hospital bed – smiles gently, her hand in mine and I, without sound, say goodbye…

Let me go, let me go, let me go

And in a blink – and just like that…

The bridge – it stands before me, magnificent! It’s multi-colored – exquisite and almost blinding in its opulence and beauty Ahead is a land of endless chew toys and treats With no interruptions to play time and snuggles

I hear barking and laughter beyond, yet near – and I smile, as I take my first steps across the wooden planks beneath my feet I then begin running – the reunion cannot happen fast enough!!!!! In the distance I see them – I see them all!!!!! Tails wagging, tongues hanging out –


Uninterrupted happiness. Always and forever and ever. ______________

(the time has not yet come, but it will)

So, when I die, I ask the gods to kindly look away and to pay me no mind Let me go my own way And allow me to continue to where I am meant to be

I don’t want to go to Heaven I want to go where they went

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with the memories (urns) of Damiana, Pandora, Lycan, and Mactown (Mac Mac) Jones.

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