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I'm Pushing The Buttons As Fast As I Can

Hi All

I received a fun message from a friend a couple of days ago. He received the printed version of "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream" and told me he has been pushing the musical links within the printed pages and the songs just aren't playing.

I feel your pain. Below is the complete musical playlist that is listed in the back of "My Anxiety Wants Ice Cream".

No need to continue pressing the printed pages, hoping for beautiful music to play. Now that you have the electronic links, you can jam to Jimmy music all day.


Musical Suggestions – The Cure. “Fascination Street”. – Radiohead. “Life in a Glass House”. – The Smiths. “Asleep”. – Muse. “Muscle Museum”. – Klaus Nomi. “Cold Song”. – Tori Amos. “Me and a Gun”. – The Antlers. “Kettering”. – Mina Mazy Topley – Bird. “When You Go”. – John Lennon. “Imagine”. – Bjork. “Human Behavior”. – Hans Zimmer. “S.T.A.Y” (The main theme to “Interstellar”). – UNKLE with Ian Brown. “Reign”. – The Caretaker. “Everywhere at the End of Time”. – Asif Avidan. “In a Box II – The Labyrinth Song”. – Signs of the Swarm. “Cesspool of Ignorance”. – Lorn. “Acid Rain”. – Rob Cantor. “Shia LeBeouf”. (Live). – Jay Jay Johanson. “Suffering”. – A Silver Mt. Zion. “Movie (Never Made)”. – The Lonely Island. “Spring Break Anthem”. AFI. “Miss Murder”. – Angelo Badalamenti. “Rabbits” (Part I).… – Jakob Jozef Orlinski. “Sento in Seno”. – Jeffrey Lewis. “The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane”. (Live). – Ween. “Push Th’ Little Daisies”. – The Stone Roses. “I Wanna Be Adored”. – Germs. “Lexicon Devil”. (Live). – Lucas King. “Dementia”.

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