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Jimmy Broccoli Bumper Sticker

Hi All

This is the "Jimmy Broccoli for Poet Laureate 2021" (He Plays With Puppies) sticker you totally need in your life. Whether you want to put it on your vehicle (I suspect it raises the value?), put it on the wall in your dorm room, or want to cover a public street sign with it (I'm not really suggesting it, but the world would be a more loving place with a "Jimmy Broccoli Street" - just sayin), it's available for free.

If you'd like a printed copy of the book (100% free - no strings) and a bumper sticker - let me know.

Thanks again for supporting this really fun adventure. Since beginning this endeavor, I've increased my vegetable intake. So you aren't only supporting the voice of a modern poet - you're helping me eat more healthfully. Yes, that makes you awesome!

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