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Jimmy Broccoli Page Turns 1 Year Old

Hi All

The Jimmy Broccoli page turns 1 year old this month.

And what a year it has been! I have met many amazing and talented people (who have become treasured friends), I've had the privilege of having 16 of my poems published in various poetry magazines, I have had 6 poems published within the pages of 3 exceptional poetry anthologies (I am pictured with them below), my work has been read by many other poets and featured on a good number of video presentations - and my poems have been critiqued, challenged and removed (that is a story for another day), and commented on by a few hundred readers.

With the very strong support of incredible friends (both in person and those I've met online), I've been able to establish an online community of many talented, fun, creative, and amazing people. My page and website features my poems, the writings of others (those I recognize as highly talented), the art and photography of several visual creatives, lots of commentary by me, my favorite quotes, the amazing story times with Kelly Celery, and many many other features that makes my page what it is. I hope you enjoy visiting as much as I enjoy having you here!

May this coming year be filled with pleasant surprises, challenges (only those we can handle), celebrations, and frequent unknown adventures!

To all of you - thank you!


Pictured: Me sitting on the steps outside of the (non-virtual) Vegetable Tray. And, yes, the Vegetable Tray house is green.

Photo credits go to the amazing Briana Botsford of Botsford Media.

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