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Jimmy Broccoli - Poems Anthologized - Soul Poet Society

Hi All

I have a really exciting announcement. The Soul Poet Society released an anthology of amazing poetry this month - "Quintessence" and it is an honor to have two of my poems included.

Both "Cellar Door" and "I Don't Think I'm Supposed To Do That" are included within it's pages - and I couldn't be more excited!

A loud shout-out goes to Mike Davidson and Jaime Santomasso for collecting and creating this wonderful collection of poetry!

Within the next two weeks I'll be giving out a couple of signed (by me) copies of "Quintessence" on the Jimmy Broccoli page - and you can purchase your copy here:

Having my work anthologized means the world to me. The Soul Poet Society is an incredible group of poets who have, as a community, created something very special.

Today, at Vegetable Tray Headquarters, we are celebrating! Thanks for being a part of this really fun adventure.

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