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Jimmy Broccoli Poems - Published in Open Skies' Anthology "Pearls of Poetry"

Hi All

I hope you are enjoying the day!

I am thrilled 5 of my poems are included within the pages of Open Skies' most recent anthology, "Pearls of Poetry"!

I'd like to thank Courtney Glover (publisher) and Bobby Mask for inviting me to be a part of this project.

My work shares the pages with the poetry of several of my favorite poets: Gen Banks, Antonio Acosta, Gavin Prinsloo, D.A. Simpson, Keith E Sparks Jr., Purple Princessness, Matty Blades, Bobby Mask, Julia Rose, Curtis Raynard, Heather Lea Wightman, Janelle Erin Elizabeth Peters, Linnet Phoenix, and James Khan.

If you are interested in picking up a copy, you can find one on Amazon.

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with the anthology. And - yes, I know the words are backwards .

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