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Jimmy Cowboy

Howdy Partners!

Glad y'all could mosey on over here to join me and my stick horse (over my right shoulder in photo, next to the plastic clothes hamper and below the cute puppy calendar) here at the corral (Vegetable Tray).

This evening, Jimmy Broccoli goes cowboy. Though, if a friend of mine is to be quoted - I "look more like Isaac from 'Children of the Corn' than any cowboy, ever" - and, I suspect he isn't too far off. LOL. Makes me want to spit some tobacco.

This evening we are hankerin' for some grits, do-se-do-ing, and drinkin' watered-down American beer (on purpose). Welcome to a very special Jimmy Broccoli country-western barn dance.... Yeee Haaa!

For some authentic Southern shit-kickin' country music (from Germany - it's worth a listen like all get out:

Dad Horse Experience

I hope you enjoy your evening!

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