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Spotlight: Jimmy Kunkel - Part I

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

It's Sunday - and that means I get the honor and opportunity to share the work of a fellow poet - Jimmy Kunkel - with you. His work is powerful, original, though-provoking, and often intensely relatable.

A little less than 2 months ago, Jimmy commented on my poem, "Tonight I Took My Life" (posted on The Poetry Kingdom page), so I took a look at his work. His verse immediately caught my attention and I spent much of the evening reading several of his poems, quotes, and thoughts. Since then I've read many more works of his and the consistent quality is very rare and appreciated. And he has become among my favorite poets, living or not. He's that good.

This afternoon/evening, it is with great enthusiasm I present the work of poet Jimmy Kunkel on the Jimmy Broccoli page. I am sharing three of his poems (with links on how to purchase two of his books) - 1 poem, per post. So, two more will be posted by the end of the afternoon/evening.

Here is Jimmy Kunkel in his own words:

"I'm Jimmy Kunkel, 38,from Pennsylvania. I've been writing since 12,on and off, and I'm very happy to be featured here."

Poem #1 - "Finding Home" from "The Full Collection 2"

She would always wonder what he was looking at.

His face glued to a telescope at night and his lips as silent as a library during the day.

He'd give small glimpses of a smile and he'd hug her like she was the only person on his side.

When he thought no one was looking he'd be staring at pictures.

Pictures of people dead and gone.

People he loved and missed.

Many people tried to get him to go out and do things with them.

He'd always find a reason not to.

They all wondered what was in his mind?

What had taken up so much of his thoughts with so much quiet time?

She knew he was distant and searching for just so many ghosts.

He lived with them so much…maybe he was becoming somewhat of a ghost himself.

It was sad and in so many ways he even felt pity for himself.

She could see him trying to stand up mentally…but maybe he was paraplegic in his brain.

Maybe he was still alive and breathing on the outside.

And maybe he was laying in a hole waiting for someone to bury him fully inside.

But she loved him and she knew he loved her.

So one night she went to him as he looked into his telescope.

She said "I need you to tell me….what is it you're looking for?"

He looked over at her and with honesty in his eyes said "home"

To purchase "The Full Collection 2" –

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