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Spotlight: Jimmy Kunkel - Part II

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Hi All

Here is Part II of featuring the work of Jimmy Kunkel on the Jimmy Broccoli page.

His newest book, "3", was released earlier this month! I ordered it yesterday and look forward to reading it from cover to cover. I've read several selections from "3" and the poem below is from this collection of poetry.

It is with great celebration I present the second poem of the day by Jimmy Kunkel!...

"The Flawed"

Here I come

Tumbling down after my creation

Just wanting love and someone to play with

They want my skin to be the perfect color

To be smooth and perfect and unblemished

They need my body to be unscathed

To be in shape and without an ounce of imperfection

They want my teeth pearl white

They want me to be able to make everyone smile

My voice has to be friendly and clear

It has to be uplifting They do not think of my mind

How scared I am

How i feel like I can be bent and broken so easily

All it takes is careless hands

They do not think of my loneliness

When I sit on the shelf and miss company

And they never think of my heart

How i welcome everyone with open arms and a plastic smile

Just to comfort them

And then I get snatched up by the factory worker

Worker: This damn action figure has a chip out of it!

Boss: Throw it away!

They toss me with the others into a big blue container…

With a tag on the side saying "the flawed"

I may only be a toy…but since my creation I've felt so much like a human.

To purchase,"3" -

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