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Jimmy Loves It, But Everyone Else Thinks It Sucks: Die Antwoord with "Tommy Can't Sleep"

Hi All

It's Thursday, so it is time once again for "Jimmy Loves It, But Everyone Else Thinks It Sucks".

This week I offer a really fun and entertaining video, brought to us by the South African band Die Antwoord. It's "Tommy Can't Sleep".

The video begins with dialog and then moves into the song "Rats Rule", which features actor Jack Black in both the song and the video.

Tommy, in "Tommy Can't Sleep", is portrayed by Sixteen Jones, the real life daughter of Ninja and Yolandi Visser (Die Antwoord), and Tommy has quite a mouth on him (her).

Tommy sees (or dreams - you decide) rats everywhere in the house - in his room, all over the kitchen, and there is even one found in his mother's anus (his mother is brilliantly played by actress Liz Carey and the smiling father is played by DJ Muggs).

So, here is "Tommy Can't Sleep". Jimmy loves it, I hope you enjoy it, but I suspect you'll think it sucks. Thanks for listening!

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