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Jimmy Rhyming - Brief Poems

Hi All

I thought it would be fun to share these very brief poems with you – not for their artistic merit – but to show I do know how to use simple and traditional end rhyme in poetry (LOL). I am asked the question, “why don’t any of your poems rhyme(?)” fairly often. I wrote the below simple and short poems decades ago – so I thought it would be enjoyably nostalgic to re-introduce them to the light of day. And today seems as good a day as any to do so.

I wrote these poems during my 16th year. It was the year George Michael’s “Faith” and INXS’ “Need You Tonight” were famous. Yeah – it’s been a minute.

Those who have read a good bit of my poetry know I somewhat frequently use internal rhyme, near-rhyme and, occasionally, slant rhymes. I pay a lot of attention to make sure these come together well (and, sometimes, I succeed – ). Several other poets use traditional rhyme and they use it brilliantly, carefully, and intentionally – with great skill. I am not one of these poets (but I do admire them and their work) – writing traditional rhyme effectively is not a talent I possess. And, I’m okay with that.

I totally suck at every organized sport too (except for pool – shooting, not swimming in one – and I’m not a horrible bowler) and I’m in no way sad about it. We all have our talents. Early on I realized traditional rhyme was not one of mine. I consider my attempts at writing rhyming poetry not much different than the infrequent times I’ve stood at bat on a partially sand-covered mound, waiting for the pitcher to throw a fast ball at my face. I occasionally (rarely) hit the ball, but I seldom made it to first base (this is not a comment about my teenage dating years) without the umpire shouting “Out!”. No harm – I just never made it to the major leagues. And my rhymes will never measure up to those of Sir-Mix-A-Lot. So goes life.

Here are a few of my early, teenage poems. It’s kind of nice to read them again after so many years – but I’m also okay with not being known for them (LOL).

Here is me spitting the traditional rhymes on paper from the late 1980s. I hope you enjoy them. ___________________

Drowning – And Not Waving at Anyone on The Shore

I’ve decided to end it all Maybe I’ll throw myself into the sea You might see me again – lying on the beach When I wash up, eventually. ____________________


Hold me until the darkness ceases Then pick up the fragments

All my jagged pieces ___________________

A Two-Sided Mirror

When I look in the mirror Am I really looking at me? To most I seem so shy, so innocent I guess the monster, only I can see


The Mask

My mask is made up of brilliant designs It smiles at those I despise But when I come home and am all alone I take off the mask and cry

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