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Jimmy Signing (American Sign Language) The Antlers' "Kettering"

Hi All

I hope you're having a wonderful day!

In my mid-late teens, I was a member of a deaf theatre group. We learned American Sign Language (ASL), learned dance and choreography, and publicly performed hundreds of times locally (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA) and in neighboring states (to include: Utah, California, Colorado & Wyoming). We signed popular songs (choreographed) - and our performances were well-received.

The main purpose of the group was to increase awareness of deaf culture by sharing their language (in an entertaining setting) with hearing audiences.

At age 18, I attended university to take Advanced Sign and had planned to become a professional interpreter. The Arizona Board of Certification traveled to Las Vegas to test/review me and 2 other potential interpreters and...

Me, 18 - and knowing I'd be the youngest certified ASL interpreter in the United States if I were to pass my certification review, became overly nervous and panicked - and bombed the review - I failed it. I did not become the youngest certified ASL interpreter in the United States - and decided (at that time) to not make interpreting a lifelong career goal.

But - to this day - I enjoy practicing my sign language skills and, when appropriate, serve as an interpreter at the library I manage.

So - just to be different - this is me signing "Kettering", by The Antlers. It's an intense song I've loved for years. Kettering is a famous cancer hospital in Texas. This song is about the relationship between a cancer patient and her in-hospital caregiver.

Thank you to Briana Botsford, of Botsford Media, for putting this video together. I'm very pleased with the final result!

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