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Keith E. Sparks, Jr. - Shadowfall - Book Review

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This is a book review.

I’ve been a fan of the poetry of Keith E. Sparks Jr. for a good bit of time and thoroughly enjoy it.

“Shadowfall”, Sparks’ latest collection of poems – like his previous work – does not disappoint. Dark sonnets (in the Shakespearean style) – some of them seriously dark – fill the pages from cover to cover – 40 sonnets alongside artistic renderings that complement the written work nicely.

Keith E. Sparks Jr. is, without question, one of the best poets writing today. And, “Shadowfall” is among his best – I highly recommend it. ______________

A poem from "Shadowfall":

No One Will Remember – Well, They Might…

To feel the sting of knowing this will fade when all the gloss they’ve lain upon you dries while keeping colored patterns on your frame from fading with the color of your eyes –

And hiding behind smiles that you show - to lend a false reflection that deceives - you let the lonely shadows start to grow and wonder if a broken mirror bleeds...

with every reaching line that slowly spreads to lend a jagged edge that kills the light behind the subtle grin that sees the end where no one will remember – well, they might…

If shattered whispers linger in their minds a piece of who we are might conquer time…

[reproduced with permission from the author] ______________

To pick up a copy of "Shadowfall":

Photo: Jimmy Broccoli with "Shadowfall". Yes, I am aware the printing on the book is backwards.

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