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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Kill The Methamphetamine Dealer

Updated: 5 days ago

I step lightly as I walk along the powdery white trails It is snowing crushed methamphetamine within my nostrils and bloodstream A dopamine and endorphin Winter Wonderland welcomes me I see the white rabbit further down the path - he hops towards the undiscovered And I follow

My imagination awakens…

Through clear water, seahorses gallop across vast oceanic landscapes I swim with them and drink in my surroundings without drowning The channel changes… And, then, I see my reflection in distorted funhouse mirrors Here I’m skinny, there I’m fat (and it’s funny) And now I am distorted and I cannot recognize my face

3 days later, still awake, and the powdery white trail ends at a cliff I smell rain approaching and see the incoming storm clouds parade across the sky Across the ravine, beautiful pines present themselves with majesty The sun is bright and I see animals scamper, a moving and perfect photograph… But, the other side is a mindset miles away and I cannot jump the distance

I am tired – and not, slightly agitated and worn The soles of my shoes are wearing thin and I can walk no further I stand and stare down at the abyss only feet in front and below me I kick tiny rocks into the canyon below And I do not hear them hit the bottom

And then the come down…

And then the come down…

And down I go…

And down I go…

And down I go further…

I’m in bed, my skin emitting putrid streams of pseudoephedrine, Battery acid, Liquid Plumber, and antifreeze Shadowy figures hide within my room and outside my bedroom window They are in the corners, under the bed, and moving slowly across the ceiling They are behind the drapes, looking at me, watching me

I no longer swim within clear waters with vibrant oceanic life No mermaids, no mermen, no Ariel or Sebastian The playful seahorses are all now dead With their bodies floating aimlessly on top of the water

I’m too dehydrated to cry tears So my eyes expel course and painful grains of sand Tiny, non-dissolved crystals fight to evacuate through my pores My skin, it crawls and I can feel their tiny little legs marching They crawl on my face and on my legs and within my mind

Kill the methamphetamine dealer

And show him no mercy

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