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  • Jimmy Broccoli

Little Free Libraries - Damaged & Spotlight

Hi All

A couple of weeks ago I learned of Little Free Libraries. It's a fantastic idea that promotes neighborhood book exchanges. Now that I know of them (I must not have been paying attention), I see them everywhere.

Since "Damaged", my first full collection of poetry, and "Spotlight", the anthology I released in March, are for Mature audiences only (an understatement), I reached out to Little Free Libraries to ask if mature content is allowed - and was surprised to learn mature content is allowed (I'm very anti-censorship) - they just asked me not to drop them off at a Little Free Library near an elementary school - which is totally understandable.

So, copies of both "Damaged" and "Spotlight" are housed (for now) in a Little Free Library at a park on Lenox Road in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). I plan to drop off more copies at other Little Free Libraries as my schedule allows.

If you're not familiar with Little Free Libraries - you may want to find one near you. It's a great idea that is putting books (for free) into people's hands. And that is a very good thing!

Photo: "Damaged" & "Spotlight" housed (for now) at a Little Free Library in Atlanta, Georgia (USA).

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