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Lunchbox - Commentary

Hi All

I share this poem more for the story than it's artistic merit (Lol).

I wrote "Lunch Box" in my 20s. At the time it was important one of my poems have the same title as a Marilyn Manson song. My priorities were different then.

The zine "Children, Churches, & Daddies" published "Lunch Box" a few months after I wrote it and the editor read it aloud during an open-mic night in Chicago. This event (I was not in attendance) gave me the encouragement to write more - and to learn and to grow.

Then, years later, I moved to Atlanta and met a wonderful friend. He was my first friend in the new city and is a current roommate (with his husband). He read my poetry (though he is not the poetry sort) and remembered this poem. That Christmas I opened up a shoebox (wrapped in brilliant metallic green paper) that was hiding a metal Spiderman lunch box.

To this day, it's the most thoughtful gift I've ever received - and I still have the lunch box - Spiderman continues to motionlessly fight crime.

Hope you enjoy!

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